Steps Towards A Healthier You

Steps Towards A Healthier You

When you are endowed with a body with no deformities, an income that can support a healthy diet and a sound mind that can figure out what is healthy than why don’t you have a fit and healthy body, the answer can be lack of will but the will is lagging behind because of no credible source of information. No available sources make you lazy and indifferent about what eat or act.Here are some Quick Tips To Keep Yourself Healthy

1. Sleep Appropriately

One must sleep for enough number of hours to stay happy and healthy. Your sleep cycle must be well organized. Make sure that you sleep for at least 6 hours a day. Sleeping or taking quick naps gives your brains, an exceptional level of power as it’s much fresh and sans any toxic content. Sleeping helps your brains fight from all sort of distractions. It’s advisable to indulge in light activities before dozing off like a book, diary entry, a mild drink.

2. Food

To garner energy from your food meals, you need to Say a strict no to junk foods and satisfy your hunger pangs out of fresh fruits and vegetables like heavy leafy veggies. These products provide you with the needed energy. Substitute all kinds of calorie ridden eatables from your diet now, for instance: use fruits and nuts instead of chocolates, processed foods with organic versions. Eat water-based fruits like watermelons, papaya, grapes, etc. They will not only help you in getting a better body but also a strong immune system and glowing skin.

3. Be Hydrated

Drink loads of water ( prefer plain water whenever you crave for those fizzy drinks). Ideally, one should have 8 glasses a day. For a change, you can opt for lemon slices in plain water, the combination is the best method for cutting the fats. 

4. Exercise Well

You should include the little session of quick workout even in between your tiring schedules. You can either go for a fast walk, a quick jog, basic martial arts or aerobics. A practising bit of physical activities will grease your muscles in the needed way and will help you in feeling light on your feet. 

5. Smile, More Often

Never carry worry and hatred in your heart, keep your mind light and mild. Do not indulge in revenge rather learn to forget and move on with panache. Show your optimism always with a broader smile.  And don’t stress too much whether you are giving a presentation or facing an all time low like divorce, the death of a dear one. Stressing out won’t solve the problem, your health will.

Judy Garland Gave Last Advice To Marilyn Monroe

The recent book by Sid Luft, husband of Judy Garland claims that the best of her times Judy was and the greatest of all Hollywood veteran Marilyn Monroe were very close friends.The relationship between both of them was never into the limelight and that’s why came as something new to their fans and followers.

But this wasn’t the only new thing, the most interesting part is Judy Garland was one of the persons who gave their piece of mind to Marilyn when she was depressed and wanted to commit suicide.Marilyn before succumbing to overdose always looked for Judy’s advice. The book “Judy and I” also reveals that Judy was extremely depressed when she got to know that Marilyn passed away. Marilyn and Judy had long telephonic conversations almost every night as Judy suffered insomnia and was up all night.

Book hardly stops here but also talks about the article exclusively written by Judy for her telephone buddy Monroe, ” Ladies Home Journal” in 1967 and quoted an excerpt from it that reveals some of the most heart-wrenching conversations be tweeny, Judy, and Monroe.


Hey, guy! Today I will be telling you about the chest exercises.I am sure you all must be wondering what are chest exercises? How to perform a chest exercise? What all exercises come under chest exercise? Well need not worry, my blog will answer your each and every question. Just read the information carefully and don’t skip anything ( coz everything is important).

The first thing we need to learn is what is chest exercises. I am sure as an adolescent or adult you must have seen every man and women complain about their chest and breast respectively. People are often not satisfied with the chest radius or shape or size. So in order to maintain all these things chest exercises were made up. These are the basic sets of exercises that can be used by any individual to built up the chest area.

So how are these exercises beneficial? I have already answered this but it has a lot more benefits in the bucket list for example-
1) These exercises if performed properly can help to increase the core body strength to a large extent.
2) The set of muscle training exercise provides the desired bulk and shape which is really amazing to look at and is admired by all.
3) These exercises can also help to increase the biceps and triceps muscles. As the basic hand movement is involved everywhere, hence the strength of hand muscles is also developed.


1. Barbell Bench Press
This one comes on the top of the list because of its sure shot results. This set of exercise allows a regular human being to generate the maximum amount of power. Hence a normal person performing Barbell Bench Press can lift the maximum weight possible for him. In simple words, nothing is better than easy and effective exercise.

2. Flat Bench Dumbbell Press
It’s a really useful exercise in terms of balanced body growth, though it might be a little difficult to work with dumbells. But ultimately the stabilized muscles balances it out. The Flat Bench Dumbell Press allows both sides of your upper body to act independently. Plus the increased motion range from bottom to top helps to develop an even wider range of muscles. Did you know Megan Fox Diet and Exercise Routine Includes This Workout≥

3. Low-Incline Barbell Bench Press
This one is my favorite. Unlike a lot of people, I don’t find it difficult to perform. So, in this set of an exercise, the weight press is performed on a steeply inclined bench which requires a whole lot of energy. The inclination helps to develop the pecs of the chest at various levels. Mostly it is used to work out the upper pecs. Although I would suggest going for a less inclined bench.

4. Dips For Chest
This is the most common and most effective exercise for chest growth. From ages people have been indulging in performing dips or as many people may call pushups. I am sure you all must be aware of how to perform dips. The best part about dips is that it can be performed in various ways and at various angles which help to produce very effective results. A Well Know celebrity Has this exercise in her daily Routine and its non-other than Miley Cyrus Diet Workout Routine.

Home Remedies For Tanning

Summers are surely loved because you can experiment with your clothes, wear your cool flip-flops and your sexy crop top but there is one problem with skin show that is perpetual tanning, which is easy to acquire but difficult to get rid of. The following article will give you the needed solution so that you don’t fear off from making a beach trip with your friends, going fishing, or while taking a rich sun bath. Best Home Remedies For Summer


Lemon has the potential to reduce tan because of citric acid which acts as lightening agent. Slice few lemons and rub on tanned area. Leave for at least 10 minutes before you took shower. Doing this will help you get rid of tan in 1 month.


Rose Water, Cucumber, And Lemon juice

If your skin gets harsh on applying lemon juice only then you can add some crushed cucumber and rose water. The lemon juice will remove the tan whereas cucumber and rose water will remove blemishes and soothe your skin.


Turmeric And Bengal Gram Flour Pack

Turmeric and gram flour can remove tan and exfoliation. The Bengal gram flour will help you remove dead skin cells. And turmeric tones the skin color. Mix Bengal gram flour, turmeric, rose water and milk in a bowl. Apply the pack in affected areas and leave for 20 minutes to dry the pack. Then remove the pack by scrubbing.

Aloe, Red Lentil, And Tomato Pack

Red lentil is famously known as Masoor Dal and has a potential to remove tan. When this dal, tomato extract, and aloe vera is combined to form a mixture. Tomato helps as a lightening agent and aloe vera soothes the skin. Mix 1 spoon lentil powder, tomato juice and aloe vera gel in a bowl. Apply on your face and stay for 20 minutes. Rinse it with cold water.

Papaya and Honey Pack

Papaya contains some enzymes which help in skin whitening and exfoliation. Honey soothes the skin soft. Together, they make an effective mixture for removing tan. Take 1 cup of papaya and add one spoon of honey, mix them well. Apply for 30 minutes.

Buttermilk And Oatmeal Pack

This pack would surely enhance your beauty. The buttermilk helps in soothing your skin while oats are the natural exfoliator. Mix oatmeal in the buttermilk. Massage the mixture into your skin in circular motion.

Tomato And Yogurt Pack

If you have dark spots and pigmentation, this pack is worth trying. The tomato helps in reducing pigmentation and spots. It helps in opening the pores and removes oiliness. Yogurt contains enzymes which help in moisturizing the skin. Mix plain yogurt and tomato juice. Apply the paste on affected areas and leave it for 20 minutes.

Sofía Margarita Vergara Plastic Surgery Scandal

Born on July 10, 1972, Sofía Margarita Vergara Vergara is a model, actress, producer, comedian and a businesswoman. She was born to a Catholic family in Colombia. Her parents Margarita Vergara Davila de Vergara (mother) and father, Julio Enrique Vergara Robayo used to call her Toti. She has five siblings and was educated at a private bilingual Spanish/ English School.

She was first noticed by a photographer, whilst at the beach, and this led to various jobs in modeling and television. At the age of 23, she was a runway model. She has also hosted a travel show, Fuera de Serie, which gave her exposure to the USA.her first film role was the criminal comedy Big Trouble.

Sofía Margarita Vergara Plastic Surgery Scandal

Her first appearance was in a Pepsi endorsement when she was just 17. She left her dentistry course in between to pursue a career in modeling. Her first television series being series Amas de Casa Desesperadas which was the Columbian version of the American TV show Desperate Housewives. She currently stars in Modern Family as Gloria Delgado- Pritchett which is an American series. She has posed for many magazines and has done many endorsements along with a bundle of hit films and television series.


Sofia has been rumored to have a breast surgery and a tummy tuck as well. She has always been popular for her voluminous breast size but she has always wished to hide the fact by saying she has had that size since she was 14 and rather wished to reduce them but, her mother never allowed her for breast reduction and continues to claim that they’re natural.

Also, her old pictures reveal that she had a fat tummy and has probably opted for liposuction to remove the excess around her tummy. This was probably posted- pregnancy, so she wished to remove it to maintain her figure and physique. Also, there is a dramatic change in her facial construction probably due to the much-suspected Botox injections. There are absolutely no signs of her aging and she has got a furnished, wrinkle- free, completely fresh and youthful skin.

Another enhancement is suspected to be a nose job (rhinoplasty). Her nose tip has now nicely been shaped and has become smaller.These changes in her body are probable and it is something she can’t deny. Still, it’s her take towards these medical procedures and like other cells has given a thumbs up to plastic surgery.

Park Min Young After Plastic Surgery

Park min young, a fresh, promising and already an established South Korean star who is known for effortlessly essaying several roles, her journey from small screen to the silver screen is highly recommendable. She has done it all from playing a notorious gangster, wearing the cap of a man, featuring in exclusive manga adaptions to pulling off a dual role. Many of her show ride on whooping ratings.Moreover, This bony lad has nothing to hide unlike her counterparts who conceal the reason of their beauty, she doesn’t shy away from accepting the fact “ that I went under the knife”.

The journey of her plastic surgeries kicks start from the junior school itself because her mother covered a prettier child.Her extremely toned face isn’t natural rather a gift of her expert surgeons who intricately gave her the fine and much-desired features. To be precise she got a double eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty, facelift and jawline reduction. While her double eyelid surgery could be easily observed as a difference from her junior school images to present clicks that went viral recently, the comparisons show.

Quite obviously that earlier her entire face was dominated by her eyelids but after the successful surgery now she possesses larger eyes and better eyelids shape. Prior to the nose job, her nose was quite bloated, but now she has got a toned nose shape with slimmer nasal bridge and a pointed nose tip.Take a Look at Park Min Young plastic surgery Images

Although her facelift and jawline reduction are much talked about, she has not ever commented on the same but her earlier images showed a wider jawline with bigger chin shape but now “wonder” she has got a smaller jawline that complements her perfect v­shaped face cut.These surgeries could have gone haywire, But Park Min-young emerged victoriously and this kind of successes build a lot of confidence over Korean surgeons. Another Good example of Surgery is Megan Fox After Plastic Surgery Images